Writing a concept design

The rationale can take different forms, from a simple verbal explanation to an interactive on-screen presentation that leads the client through the thinking and the development process to the solution. A well-written design rationale can be invaluable in explaining how your design solution satisfies the brief.

Writing a concept design

The Industrial Design Process Part 2: They do it with the help from a team of creative, disciplined and professional designers. The following article builds on that by discussing the role of designers and the initial concept design stages they go through.

These stages allow them to pour their imagination and ideas from their minds into a tangible, coherent set of thoughts and sketches. Concept Design In most companies, designers work to a design brief, product specification or play specification that guides their designs.

A professional designer has the ability to provide a large variety of designs in a quick and efficient manner. Many people can draw one or two ideas, but when asked to elaborate or iterate they often fall short.

What separates the true design professional is depth and breadth of their presented ideas and vision in a clear and concise manner. It can, however, also include sketch models or shape and form studies in a variety of mediums such as paper, plastic-card, cardboard, clay or foam.

Digital sketch models are also a good way to explore early ideas, along with digital and hand-built mechanisms. Draw from Your Imagination There are a wide variety of ways to convey ideas, from hand sketches, block-in silhouettes and rough scribbles to thorough drawings, turnarounds and detail views.

Call-outs are often added, further highlighting features of note or ideas that may not be immediately apparent.

This images shows various early stage sketches.

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The emphasis here is on speed and getting multiple ideas down on paper. The sheet shows techniques including; silhouettes, hand drawn pen sketches, digital stylus sketches and even a white board sketch.

Anything goes at this stage. What Makes a Good Sketch? Quality over Quantity As in all things, quantity does not necessarily mean quality. So a designer should try to create multiple sketches reflecting differing ideas or sketches that, through iteration, improve the theme and direction of the brief.

Repetition and alteration of one design should really be reserved for later stages of the process. Sometimes designers will even pull out old sketches from previous projects. To this end, designers should make every effort to stay fresh in their thinking and style. Change your medium, drop your stylus and pick up a pen.

Alter your brush type or try a new style.

writing a concept design

Even getting a change of scenery, work environment or background music can help change up your ideas and the way you present them. It may be considered unnecessary at this stage, in order to save time and effort for idea generation.

Bias is also another very good reason to avoid adding color. Based on personal preference towards a particular tone or shade, viewers can become instantly polarized with the actual sketches and designs becoming irrelevant.

Black and White For more complicated forms, a grey or black and white pass can be used to add light and shadow and, therefore, define the shapes of the design. This can be particularly useful when showing designs to people outside of the design discipline, as they tend not to pick up on forms as well as the educated eye.

The sketches in this image are more refined but are still considered early stage sketches. Additional details are added with more attention applied to line quality and accuracy to make sure ideas are clear. Avoid Stifling Creativity with Reality In most design environments, we work hand-in-hand with engineers or people from a sales and marketing background.

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Of course, a practical and functional product sells, but consumers are also driven by desire. Use Teamwork Imagination is only limited by the mind.

So why not use more than one mind? Some design firms will even use interdisciplinary teams to really mix up the ideas and styles being conveyed. This also avoids tunnel vision and repetition. A senior designer may guide the overall efforts of the team, but all thoughts at this stage are generally encouraged, even the obscure.

The team will work towards a cohesive concept design presentation to meet this deadline. All sketches are compiled into one place; this can be a document or a space on a wall if everyone is in the same office. The senior designer and design director will then perform an internal review to filter some of the work.

Once the ideas have been filtered and refined, each design sheet is numbered, and each individual design or sketch is given a number or letter.Learn graphic design, web design, advertising art direction and copywriting, and marketing communications from top working professionals at Seattle's School of Visual Concepts.

Concept Design In most companies, designers work to a design brief, product specification or play specification that guides their designs. These guides include some visual and written direction about an initial product opportunity that’s been identified. One of many great free stock photos from Pexels.

This photo is about whiteboard, working, writing. SVC’s evening classes meet one night a week to help you build a competitive portfolio if you're seeking a promotion or a new job in user experience design, user interface/visual design for digital, content writing, graphic design, and more.

Concept Design; Ebook Cover Design and Illustrations for Medical Ebook in Story Format; I am looking to find a cover designer and someone who also does illustration for a series of books I am writing. The books are medical ebooks but told in a story format.

Why Developing a Concept Matters in Web Design In my last article, The Gestalt Principle: Design Theory for Web Designers, we established the need to start any design with the containing shell design first before going into the details, in this part we will discuss the methodology of coming up with a shell design.

Any containing shape should have a concept behind it - but sadly, lots of.

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