Wild horse thesis

Introduction Native Americans long dominated the vastness of the American West. Linked culturally and geographically by trade, travel, and warfare, various indigenous groups controlled most of the continent west of the Mississippi River deep into the nineteenth century. Spanish, French, British, and later American traders had integrated themselves into many regional economies, and American emigrants pushed ever westward, but no imperial power had yet achieved anything approximating political or military control over the great bulk of the continent.

Wild horse thesis

Wild horse thesis

I think all heavenly bodies are a projection on our atmospheric border btw. The second half of the atmosphere on the opposite side of the sun or anything else we see because of light might act like a lens where on the moon gets projected.

Wild horse thesis

The reflected light does how ever reflect off of a real 3d existing in space moon. On earth there are three things space does not have which are needed for a real burn humans can see oxygen or medium allowing temperature, density of matter, ignition temperature or starting temperature much higher than in space thus more easily has energy transferred in to it allowing for a visible wave… Length here locally our local atoms or structures more complex formed under atmospheric pressure and can be exited enough to give off the effect light in space only chemical reactions like the sun are hot enough to create local temperature, and after my suspected ignition of the photon no wave form in space we can see as it is to cold to really burn or glow in between nm on our atmosphere.

Photons might not like space as a medium to travel is giving light. The sun might eject dark particles being the source of local dark matter filling up space slowly creating a variable over time gravity we experience in space.

In space the cold temperature seems to make mass relatively heavy, is this the same for photons relative to nature or the universe, the universe might think of light as something slow… Our atmosphere might be a lights speed limiting factor creating dark particles into visible light with prisma like behavior.

Obvious thing, black holes are not flat…. Nothing in nature is flat, not even 2d materials are 2d…. They are still one atom thick which have dimensions once we measure dimensions are known so not dimensionless we just can weigh photons yet… able to carry temperature, anyways black holes….

If the light gets absorbed nothing can ever render shadow or depth… The information of 3 dimensionality depth perception is what light and shadow give as information, with out this information any dark sphere will look flat or like a hole from any angle….

The artist can not render a sphere without light he simulates. The same goes for telescopes and cameras…. If our atmosphere works as a projection lens, if…. Then could our northstar be a projection of us, or the sun on the backside of our planet, always in the centre of the night.

The north star is solidly related to us in some way, all other stars move around it beautifully, is it fixed because we are the reason?

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If you think these ideas are interesting, feel free to add, help out, think with me or what ever.What eats a horse? What do horses eat? What animals eat horses? The place of the horse in the food web or food chain, including which . Dr. Bill Bailey's Home Page. Dr. Bailey is known among his friends as a strange but fairly interesting individual; his site is presented for your .

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Envía tu denuncia a Fotodenuncias, miles de personas que cada día acceden a esta sección. Wild horse foot may not be good benchmark – researcher The conclusion was reached by Dr Brian Hampson in his doctoral thesis exploring the effects of environment on the feral horse foot.

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