The house on mango street writing assignments

It might be a character, an event in your life, a setting or an observation. Each vignette stands on its own, a little slice of life that is usually particularly vivid and is written from your point of view. We analyzed and discussed the structure and elements Cisneros included in her vignette stylistic fragments, similes, metaphors.

The house on mango street writing assignments

Applicable for both middle and high school students. To finish things out with my eighth graders, I created a final project--vignette-writing! She is the main figure in the coming of age story, and it's essential that students understand who she is and how she changes through the course of the story.

What if I made my students and I switch roles? What if they were the teachers for the day? What would they teach me about the given vignettes?

From identity, home, and family to growing up, friendship, and culture, the book is filled with themes and it's essential that students understand them. Thus I created a notes sheet and lesson designed to help students grasp the main ideas of each vignette.

This is not a joke! As Esperanza grows up, she starts to realize things about herself and the adult world--hence why this is called a 'coming of age' novel! Especially in the transition from sixth to eighth grade?

The answer is nothing. That's why I wanted to create an extension activity and figurative language activity that would engage my eighth graders and let them have a little fun. That's why I wanted to create a comic activity to spice things up! For the past two weeks I've worked with my eighth grade students on understanding figurative language.

They did Notes, the My Figurative Language Family assignment for practice, and now this will be their actual assessment--but a fun one! Role of Women - The role of women is a huge theme in House on Mango Street, even in the early vignettes. What does friendship mean to us? What defines a solid friendship?

The answer is a family crest, giving students the opportunity to learn more about their unique cultures and connecting their lives to the life of the main character, Esperanza.

It is a scaffolded set of notes that include examples, pictures, and even song clips for learning figurative language in more ways than one! A great time-saver and way to have them learn independently and still be productive towards finishing their previous unit. The House on Mango Street:Created Date: 4/19/ PM.

Writing Assignment - House on Mango Street: Answer each question thoughtfully, thoroughly, and creatively - trying to honor the style of the vignettes you have read in Sandra isneros’ The House on Mango Street.

In the book The House on Mango Street, author Sandra Cisneros presents a series of vignettes that involve a young girl, named Esperanza, growing up in the Latino section of Chicago. Esperanza Cordero is searching for a release from the low expectations and restrictions that Latino society o.

The House on Mango Street Cisneros's Style Sandra Cisneros's writing style in the novel The House on Mango Street transcends two genres, poetry and the short story. Cisneros is the author of the novels The House on Mango Street and Caramelo, a collection of short stories Woman Hollering Creek, a book of poetry Loose Woman, and a children's book Hairs/Pelitos.

She lives in San Antonio, Texas/5(). Oct 26,  · Recently, I was required to read The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros as a class first glance, I absolutely hated the book.

The first couple vignettes I had read seemed like a random string of odd stories with no relation to one another.

the house on mango street writing assignments
Interview with Sandra Cisneros | Chicago Public Library