Specialty clothing retail business plan

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Specialty clothing retail business plan

Here are five ways to compete on experience instead of price.


In the discussion, an owner of a small toy store was recollecting a conversation between two young shoppers she had overheard in her store. The couple, upon seeing a toy they really liked, scoffed at the price and mentioned that they had seen the same toy at a larger retailer for considerably less.

The storeowner allowed the couple to leave without engaging or purchasing anything, and then took to the discussion boards to express her discontent with suppliers for bending to the whims of her big-box competitors and failing to "help" small specialty stores like hers.

As the co-founder of Wild Creationsa developer and supplier of toy products, I took issue with the discussion. We sell to both small and large retailers, and, sure, we give better pricing based on volume.

We are, however, a small company ourselves and deal with the same pricing pressures as the retail stores we supply. I would never expect our suppliers to treat us like a charity, so our strategy is to differentiate ourselves on something other than price. We compete on experience. I am shocked at how many small retailers fail to see this opportunity.

Like Wild Creations, they need to compete on experience. One of my favorite examples of how a specialty retail store competes on experience is Wonder Works of CharlestonSouth Carolina.

A small chain of four toy stores, it is run by a vibrant and excitable entrepreneur, Christine Osborne. When I take my six-year old son for a visit, we don't expect to get deals from a clearance rack.

We expect to have an experience. Here are five things small retailers can learn from Wonder Works in order to compete on something other than price.

Provide Incentive When you walk into a Wonder Works store, there is typically someone there with a bright smile to greet you and shove a toy in your hands. The stores are small, but there is always room to sample products and interact with others. It's a playground, and kids and, admittedly, I love it.

As well, Wonder Works regularly holds events, such as outdoor festivals, sidewalk sales, and fundraisers to encourage people to visit.

specialty clothing retail business plan

Offer Value Wonder Works doesn't hide the fact that prices are probably higher. Instead, they create value by providing an experience when you visit. As well, regular patrons are rewarded with frequent specials through e-newsletters and social media.

Unlike most small retailers, they put experience ahead of keystone. Differentiate Products Because large retailers rarely take chances on new products or new developers, specialty stores have the first opportunity to offer exclusive new items.

Now, they are one of the first stores we engage to test new products and ideas. Get Online Although Wonder Works is still small by comparison, they offer a fantastic toy catalogue and website to support the in-store experience.

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specialty clothing retail business plan

Nov 13,  · A Retail Store Manager with mid-career experience which includes employees with 5 to 10 years of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of . For any small business, competing with large competitors with vastly greater resources is always daunting.

For specialty retail stores, the challenge is ten fold. To succeed, retail business. The clothing store business plan template is fully geared towards the clothing store retail business.

Easily add project plans, phasing diagrams, floor plans, specific plans and more as is needed. Easily insert financial data from the financial application.

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