Essay about giving up

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Essay about giving up

ESSAY The expression never give up means,never stop working and keep trying hard to achieve our goals. Some people try hard to renounce their hurdles but some people never try to fight against their worries and surrender themselves in front of their worries. These people should learn to face the realities of life and learn to achieve such goals which are hard to get.

People should try their best to fight for the better things. They should work hard by keeping their personal limits in their minds. Life is full of difficulties and hurdles. So,one should learn to stand and face the situations. It is also true that sometimes,life takes a turn full of worries,which makes some people stand in front of their deleterious situations while,some of them surrender before their hard situations.

It is inevitable Essay about giving up never give up because,it is an only way by which we can learn to fight against our problems. By facing such hard situations we can learn to confront such circumstances whether good or bad.

Likewise,a player should practice more to beat the opposite team. So,it is very important to never,never give up in a life because it teaches us how to face the pragmatic situation and enjoy our life.

All we have to do is to work hard and fight against this insidious disease which has blocked the ways of our success and it has made people prosaic and less confident in their lives.

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We can find number of great personalities in history who worked very hard and never gave up until they achieved their best. He worked hard and gave us the gift of light bulb which has become the necessity of our life. The two brothers which are also known as right brothers,invented an aeroplane which has made us easy to travel all over the world.

They never gave up, instead of that, they fought for our rights and faced bravely the hurdles and problems created by Hindus and Britishers. It can also be illustrated by the story of a king and a spider in which a little spider inspires and encourages the king to never give up and face his situation whether it is good or bad.

We should countenance problems which are occurring in our life. This will never makes a parson successful always but helps him to know more about pragmatic values and experiences in the life.

For example, If a person cannot become a leader of the country he can become a good leader of his school,firm,institute,factory etc. In short,we can say that not to give up can give lot of encouragement to people in their life.

So, one should be confident and never,never give up.Giving up essay meaning in punjabi. Posted on October 29, by. Mba application essay guidelines a business trip essay restaurants essay about future family in german introduction of a comparison essay review what is social injustice essay videos.

Essay about giving up

Conclude the essay village life of revenge essay indian army essay topics on films uk easy. Unconditional Giving in Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree" Essay Words | 3 Pages The act of unconditional giving is an attribute that many cultures hold up as the highest form of love.

Never Giving up on a Dream. We are graduating! this day seemed so far to even think about, but we did not give up on our dreams. Each and every one of us, Four years ago, walked into these halls not knowing how high school would turn out to be. whenever we had pressure to present our term papers and assignments, but it also feels like.

 Giving up Social Networking ADRS Sec October 30, Addiction is a very complex and controversial phenomenon that has affected the lives of individuals for centuries.

The expression “Never give up” means to keep trying and never stop working for your goals. I agree with this statement. I think this statement is true because you can be whatever you want to be, you just have to set your mind to it and work for it.

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