Depreciation at delta airlines singapore airlines solution to case 2

To reduce operating costs and find more effective ways to attract and retain customers in the hyper-competitive airline industry, United Airlines is working with Microsoft to expand private cloud computing to the enterprise. United Airlines uses Windows Server R2 Hyper-V Replica and Microsoft Azure Site Recovery to expedite the migration and consolidation of virtual machines and mission critical services to its new data center in Chicago and provide high availability services when hardware fails.

Depreciation at delta airlines singapore airlines solution to case 2

On Saturday 20th June, the computer systems of LOT Polish Airlines were hacked, causing flight delays, cancellations and the grounding of passengers. On the same day, a United Airlines flight was diverted to Ireland due to an unruly passenger on board. From the opposite side of the world, news came of a hour delay to a Scoot flight that saw stranded passengers in Singapore Changi Airport.

News of the LOT system hack was a first, but the results of all these disruptions were the same: Analysing the LOT hacking The hacking incident presented two new challenges to the airline.

Firstly, it was a disruption never seen before in the airline industry, one that sat between a traditional disruption event and a full-scale crisis.

Depreciation at delta airlines singapore airlines solution to case 2

The airline did a good job at managing both sides of the crisis. It provided updates about the delayed flights and informed users of what was happening.

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As is often the case, social media provided an ideal platform to disseminate news. In many cases passengers at the airport used it to find information that was not being provided locally. The airline communicated effectively. It clarified from the start that the hacking had not affected the IT system of the aircraft — only those of its ground operations.

The hour Scoot Delay The Scoot case stood out for two reasons. First, because of the communication problems between the airline and its passengers that led to confusion.

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Scoot faced a technical problem with its aircraft, followed by a lack of available crew for the flight. These eventually caused the flight to be delayed by a total of 22 hours.

Depreciation at delta airlines singapore airlines solution to case 2

In between, the passengers had been instructed to disembark twice from the aircraft. Given the high internet and social media penetration rates in the island nation, it was not surprising to see passengers frequently sharing images and videos on social media.

In one of the videos, a passenger instigated other Scoot customers to post on Facebook and Twitter as a form of protest. While the airline could have — and should have — expected passengers to be complaining on Facebook and Twitter, it probably did not expect the widespread sharing of a comment made by a flight attendant.

To a sympathetic reader, the post reads like an attempt to defend her airline from unfair comments. It is akin to a visceral reaction that one might have if a friend had been insulted. Several days later, Scoot released a statement from its CEO, in which he explained the events and apologised for the inconveniences caused.

Scoot deeply regrets disruption to guests affected by the flight delays over the weekend. This means that the airline would have to behave and respond the way a human being would when talking to another person. It means providing honest replies, sharing available information and being able to adapt to a changing and unexpected situation.

Flexibility and adaptability are key human qualities but also something airlines struggle with. But that this same learning cannot often be replicated outside technical and operational areas.

This is important because the industry has built its improvement process on strict rules, checklists and exact specifications. In doing so, it created a system able to deal efficiently with technical or operational improvements but also a perfect recipe for communication disasters.

Moving forward, airlines will have to change this modus operandi in favour of modern airline disruption and crisis communications.

A key element will be the provision of considerable freedom to front-line communication agents, backed by solid training. With senior management support and appropriate training, staff such as community managers and customer service agents will be able to defuse many of these disruption or crisis situations before they hit the headlines.

Of course, such issues will also need to be defused on the ground. For more on airline disruption management, see our presentation ; understand the importance of communicating the differences between Accidents and Incidents ; or sign up for our Crisis Communications Report.

For more information, write to marco simpliflying.Not all airlines share all these attributes, but at least a few are at work in every case: Privileged sources of revenue. It goes without saying that the best way to make money in any industry is to have a unique offer of some kind.

Depreciation at Delta Air Lines and Singapore Airlines (A), Spanish Version Case Solution The depreciation policies in these 2 airlines, Delta airlines as well as Singapore airlines were contrasted against a summary of operating data from each airline organization.

Yokohama-Kawasaki International Port Corp. (YKIP) on Sept. 29 unveiled its 5-year medium-term management plan that covering fiscal up to fiscal May 05,  · Delta is the latest airline to face fallout from an on-plane dispute, after a family that was forced off an overnight flight from Maui to California posted video that saw the crew say agents would.

In estimating depreciation for accounting purposes, Delta Air Lines has changed its assumptions about aircraft lifespan and residual values four times in the last thirty years or so.

In the most recent changes, Delta adopted fair value accounting as part of its fresh start emergence from bankruptcy. Know about Delta airlines and its Customer Service Number to Solve Queries!! One of the major America’s airline is Delta airline that has different locations as its destinations.

This airline travels to around destinations that includes domestic and international places as well.

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