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Carbon6 9 2 0 1 4

Hydrogen-1 protium [ edit ] Protium, the most common isotope of hydrogen, consists of one proton and one electron.

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Unique among all stable isotopes, it has no neutrons. Because the nucleus of this isotope consists of only a single protonit is given the formal name protium. The proton has never been observed to decay, and hydrogen-1 is therefore considered a stable isotope.

Some grand unified theories proposed in the s predict that proton decay can occur with a half-life between and years. If this prediction is found to be true, then hydrogen-1 and indeed all nuclei now believed to be stable are only observationally stable.

To date, however, experiments have shown that the minimum proton half-life is in excess of years. The nucleus of deuterium is called a deuteron. Deuterium on Earth has been enriched with respect to its initial concentration in the Big Bang and the outer solar system about 27 ppm, by atom fraction and its concentration in older parts of the Milky Way galaxy about 23 ppm.

Presumably the differential concentration of deuterium in the inner solar system is due to the lower volatility of deuterium gas and compounds, enriching deuterium fractions in comets and planets exposed to significant heat from the Sun over billions of years of solar system evolution.

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Deuterium is not radioactive, and does not represent a significant toxicity hazard. Water enriched in molecules that include deuterium instead of protium is called heavy water. Deuterium and its compounds are used as a non-radioactive label in chemical experiments and in solvents for 1H- NMR spectroscopy.

Heavy water is used as a neutron moderator and coolant for nuclear reactors. Deuterium is also a potential fuel for commercial nuclear fusion. Tritium has also been released during nuclear weapons tests.

It is used in thermonuclear fusion weapons, as a tracer in isotope geochemistryand specialized in self-powered lighting devices. The most common method of producing tritium is by bombarding a natural isotope of lithium, lithium-6with neutrons in a nuclear reactor. Tritium was once used routinely in chemical and biological labeling experiments as a radiolabelwhich has become less common in recent times.

D-T nuclear fusion uses tritium as its main reactant, along with deuteriumliberating energy through the loss of mass when the two nuclei collide and fuse at high temperatures. It is a highly unstable isotope of hydrogen.

It has been synthesised in the laboratory by bombarding tritium with fast-moving deuterium nuclei. The presence of the hydrogen-4 was deduced by detecting the emitted protons. Hydrogen-5[ edit ] 5H is a highly unstable isotope of hydrogen.

The nucleus consists of a proton and four neutrons. It has been synthesised in the laboratory by bombarding tritium with fast-moving tritium nuclei. The remaining proton may be detected, and the existence of hydrogen-5 deduced.

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It decays through double neutron emission into hydrogen-3 tritium and has a half-life of at least yoctoseconds 9. In the resulting reaction, all six of the helium-8's neutrons were donated to the hydrogen's nucleus. The two remaining protons were detected by the "RIKEN telescope", a device composed of several layers of sensors, positioned behind the target of the RI Beam cyclotron.Example 2: Calculate the empirical formula for a compound that contains g of K, g of I and g of O Step1: Calculate amount, in mol, by dividing each mass by the atomic mass of the element K = / I = / O = /16 = mol = mol = mol.

Supplementary Information Non-antibiotic membered macrolides: Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation in a cigarette smoking model.

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Carbon6 9 2 0 1 4

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Carbon6 9 2 0 1 4
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