Bicycle helmet safety

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Bicycle helmet safety

What could be more perfect than a bike ride? Before you pull your bike out of the garage, let's find out how to stay safe on two wheels. Bike riding is a lot of fun, but accidents happen. The safest way to use your bike is for transportation, not play.

Every year, aboutkids go to the emergency department because of bike injuries, and at least 10, kids have injuries that require a few days in the hospital.

What are the major risk factors?

Some of these injuries are so serious that children die, usually from head injuries. A head injury can mean brain injury. That's why it's so important to wear your bike helmet. Wearing one doesn't mean you can be reckless, but a helmet will provide some protection for your face, head, and brain in case you fall down.

If your helmet doesn't have a CPSC sticker, ask your mom or dad to get you one that does. Your bike helmet should fit you properly. You don't want it too small or too big. Never wear a hat under your bike helmet. If you're unsure if your helmet fits you well, ask someone at a bike store.

Once you have the right helmet, you need to wear it the right way so it will protect you. It should be worn level and cover your forehead.

Bicycle helmet safety

Don't tip it back so your forehead is showing. The straps should always be fastened. If the straps are flying, it's likely to fall off your head when you need it most.

Make sure the straps are adjusted so they're snug enough that you can't pull or twist the helmet around on your head. Take care of your bike helmet and don't throw it around.

That could damage the helmet and it won't protect you as well when you really need it. If you do fall down and put your helmet to the test, be sure to get a new one.Visibility is paramount to cyclist safety. The Lumos Helmet is integrated with super bright white LEDs in the front and solid red LEDs in the back to ensure you stand out on the road.

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Bike helmets are so important that the U.S. government has created safety standards for them. Your helmet should have a sticker that says it meets standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Every bike ride begins with putting on a helmet. But it’s equally important that you ensure a proper fit so your helmet can best protect you. Bicycle trips account for only 1% of all trips in the United States.

1 However, bicyclists face a higher risk of crash related injury and deaths than occupants in motor vehicles.

2. Cutting through the controversy about helmet effectiveness Analysis by Piet de Jong shifts the focus of the helmet debate onto the arguments about the degree to which the large health benefits of cycling outweigh the far smaller risks involved.

de Jong uses mathematical modelling to show that even under the most optimistic predictions of helmet benefit, the net public health outcome of helmet.

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